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T-4 Trencher Carrier

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Part Number: TC2

The Model TC2 Trencher Carrier allows a T-4 Trencher to be transported on the back of any vehicle equipped with a Class 3 or better reciever. An 800 lb. winch allows one person to easily load and unload the trencher onto the vehicle.

The TC2 Trencher Carrier is great for one man crews as well as anyone with an SUV or van.

The unique brake winch used on the TC2 uses a braking mechanism to hold the load instead of conventional pawls that need to be disengaged to release the load. This gives the operator better control while raising or lowering the T-4 Trencher. Simply turn the crank one way to raise it and the opposite way to lower it.

The TC2 also accepts conventional hitch locks, allowing the trencher and carrier to be securely locked to the vehicle.

*T-4 Trencher Sold Separately.