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Spring is Coming! Let's Tackle those Projects!

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April is almost here and the weather is starting to warm up across the country. Most of us added on to our Home Project Lists last year and this is the time of the year to start or finish any you might have left so you can enjoy them this summer!

Landscaping offers a wonderful way to create the backyard oasis you have always wanted and if you are building a Patio or Pergola to help your vision come true, a wood fence adds both visual aesthetics as well as privacy!

Installing any type of fence may seem like a lot of work, but the Ground Hog Inc ModelOne One Man Auger makes digging holes up to 8" in Diameter for your fence posts easy compared to using a Manual Post Hole Digger. 

The Round Drive Augers for the ModelOne have an overall length of just over 36" which meets most area's fence building codes. Setting your posts deep is critical in areas where the ground freezes in order to prevent heaving from Freeze/ Thaw cycles. Companies like Quikrete have designed Fast Setting Concrete systems that you can pour right into your Fence Post hole. This ensures the fence posts will stay securely mounted over the years!

If you are interested in learning even more about various Fencing Styles, The American Fence Association offers an Excellent resource for ALL of the questions you might have! Click Here to Check out their Fence Guide


As Always, we have the Ground Hog Inc Auger Parts, Auger Bits, & T-4 Trencher Parts as well as Parts Breakdowns to help you get ready to tackle your Spring Project!



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